3D Cloud Mobile Printable Craft Kit - TWO Pages - Easy & Beautiful Kids love making these

3D Cloud Mobile Craft Kit - TWO Pages - Easy & Beautiful Kids love making these impressive hanging mobiles that flow as the wind blows.  There is also an even simpler version of this without the 3D look Both are beautiful, easy and Kid Craft Easy  approved!  Download 2 pages, the large cloud & page two medium/small clouds.

DIRECTIONS:   Cut out clouds, BEFORE you glue together fronts/backs tape a string/cord between them at the TOP of each cloud.  The blue outline is the outside, the white-inside where you glue & add strings.

1.  The large cloud will have a long cord to hang from ceiling - position other cords so that clouds won't touch, TAPE string/cord -THEN add glue (Glue stick) to side of clouds with no strings & place over the clouds with strings.  DO NOT PUSH on the strings instead push down around them gently not to make the string indent the paper & show through too much.  Tape will hold them and surrounding glue.

2.  Embellish with glitter and use a sealer of your choice or just shake of as much as you can.  You do not want glitter falling onto a baby, crib area or where kids can get glitter on them or in eyes. USE Silver Ink Pad to sponge brush edges silver.

TIP:  DO NOT press cover string it will make it show through instead press around it to glue together.  IF it shows too much simply print another cloud to glue over and using card stock helps and makes your mobile very sturdy so it hangs and moves perfect!  DO NOT DOWNLOAD SAMPLE WASTING INK SCROLL TO THE PAGES

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